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The intrinsic properties of polycarbonate sheets make it the ideal material for many kinds of building applications. Their light weight makes them easy to install while their high impact resistance make them a durable option. This durability combined with transparency also makes polycarbonate sheets an excellent alternative to glass, especially combined with their capacity for UV filtration. Polycarbonate sheeting has excellent flame retardant properties, recently receiving a top-class rating in European fire testing standards, making polycarbonate sheets the strong, safe, and sustainable option for construction needs.

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Polycarbonate plays a significant role in industrial processes and applications. Solid polycarbonate sheets are frequently employed as machine guard windows due to their impact strength and shatter resistance. These properties also make them ideal for using in police riot shields and helmet visors. Coated solid sheets are also used in chemically corrosive environments and thanks to its insulating and flame retardant properties can be used to cover electronic control panels.

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Polycarbonate sheets are frequently used in signs and displays as they are easily thermoformed and printed on. Their rigidity and shatter resistance ensure a long life and also make them ideal for glazing posters and billboards. Thanks to these properties polycarbonate sheets have been used in a variety of creative design installations, further proving the versatility of this material. Polycarbonate becomes more frequently the chosen material by interior designers and artists.

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