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Have you ever bought a drink or snack at a vending machine, only to have it get stuck inside? You probably learned hitting or kicking the machine would not get you your drink or snack but now you've also learned that polycarbonate sheets are the perfect material for this kind of application. Their high impact resistance ensures that vending machines are protected against unhappy customers, thieves, and vandals.

With their transparency and UV resistance, vendors can place a printed sheet with their logo behind the polycarbonate sheet without worrying about colour fading. Polycarbonate sheets can also be vacuum moulded to allow for special effects to be incorporated into the panel and the materials flexibility ensures easy installation.


The low-weight, impact resistance and transparency of solid polycarbonate sheets make it the ideal material for visors on helmets and wind guards on scooters and motorcycles. Polycarbonate sheets can be optimised for the specific application, for instance rigid, UV and weather resistant solid sheets for wind guards and coated sheets to protect against corrosive chemicals for industrial visors.


Polycarbonate's combination of transparency, fire retardant properties, extreme impact-resistance and low weight make it an ideal option for police to protect themselves against projectiles, charging crowds, or even Molotov cocktails. Police riot shields have been manufactured from the strongest, most impact resistant polycarbonate sheets available on the market for many years.


In industrial processes polycarbonate's reputation as a safe and strong material is brought to the fore. Transparent protective panels on machines allow machine operators to see what is going on while protecting them from flying particles and chemicals. Solid polycarbonate sheets can be coated to protect against corrosive chemicals and prevent hazardous substances from escaping.


Polycarbonate's flame retardant properties are excellent for insulating control planes and ensuring that the operator is protected from sparks.

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