EPSE Awards

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About the competition

Since 2007 EPSE organizes the awards competition to recognize the most innovative, sustainable and best design projects made out of polycarbonate.

EPSE AWARDS is an internal competition, with the aim to promote unique properties of polycarbonate sheets and to showcase the wide range of applications where it can be used. Polycarbonate is a material which can be easily worked and modeled, and therefore can be used virtually for any kind of application. For example, polycarbonate sheets are widely used in the construction sector, mainly for big-size installations like stadiums, arenas such as Olympic venues. Also, they are commonly used in automotive, electronics, and medical industries and more recently they have caught the attention of interior architects & furniture designers, artists and a number of other niche markets.



This year, the event is kindly sponsored by SABIC.

The official results will be announced during the EPSE AWARDS 2022 Ceremony on October 24th at 15:30 during the K Fair in Düsseldorf. The event will take place at the booth of SABIC.

24 projects have been submitted in total.

Our jury members evaluated them one by one according to several criterias.

After reviewing all the ratings, the four best projects of each category have been pre-selected to go through the public online vote.

Voting is open until 16th October !


Submitted Projects & Winners

There were sixteen projects submitted to this year’s edition: 5 in Sustainability, 3 in Innovation, 8 in Design. The 2019 AWARDS presented a wide use of polycarbonate sheets; including public buildings, hotels, family homes, and sport halls.

Design Category Winner - Palram: Featherston Studio

Design Category Runner Up - Sabic: Slaski Stadium Roof

Innovation Category Winner - Danpal: Kinetic Panel