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Multiwall polycarbonate sheet or corrugated polycarbonate sheet provide the best solution for installing a carport on your property.

  • Lightweight and easy to install

  • Economical: fewer cross bars required thanks to lightweight

  • Resistant to extreme fluctuations in temperature

  • Weather resistant

  • Transparent, allowing light to pass through, but UV resistant

  • No discolouration


Polycarbonate sheets are a perfect option for large architectural installations - from shopping centres to office buildings to use in historical buildings. The many advantages of polycarbonate sheets, combined with its light-weight and easy installation ensure that they are an economical and sustainable option for use in large building projects. With a UV coating a building facade or roofing installation made with polycarbonate sheets is guaranteed to stand the test of time.


All year round millions of sports fans enjoy their favourite sporting events in stadiums covered in polycarbonate sheeting. Almost the entire Champion's League is played under the protection of polycarbonate roofing - how's that for a reference!


The weather and UV resistance of polycarbonate sheets combined with its fire retardant properties ensure athletes and sports fans alike are able to play and watch sports in safety and comfort.


Polycarbonate's low weight allows for a massive area of coverage and gives architects leeway to implement extraordinary designs, including curved structures.

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