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SABIC: "1 month - 1 member"

The September edition of "1 month - 1 member" will focus on SABIC and its support to the new International Transportation hub of Johannesburg (Africa) with the LEXAN™ Polycarbonate sheet.

Johannesburg International Transport Interchange (JITI), one of the largest public transport nodes in Africa, is located in the central business district of the South African financial capital. The building comprises 50,000 square meters and has been designed to provide spaces for busses and more than 800 Taxi Vans serving the needs of travelers.

JITI also offers retail space for small to large enterprise outlets and has attracted the attention of local artists, such as the Johannesburg Ballet Company. The main design criteria was to combine aesthetics with specific product aspects like UV, fire and chemical resistance. SABIC’s LEXAN™ virtually unbreakable polycarbonate sheet was chosen as it met all the criteria.


High light transmission

UV Protected on both sides

Easy installation (inter-connecting system for THERMOCLICK™ Sheet)

Energy & heat saving

Excellent impact resistant


The LEXAN™ THERMOCLICK™ sheet was used for vertical glazing area of almost 4,000 m² with a unique ‘X’ structure of connecting webs between 5 walls, which can maximize their rigidity and impact strength without any noteworthy reduction of light transmission. A specially designed tongue-and-groove snap-fit connection that saves installation time and costs while eliminating the need for vertical intermediate profiles. This can greatly enhance the aesthetics of representative façades.

LEXAN™ THERMOCLEAR™ sheets have been used for horizontal roof lights covering a total area of 1,575 m². The translucent red LEXAN™ THERMOCLICK™ sheet glazing of the JITI façade provides excellent protection against UV solar irradiation in regions such as South Africa. Moreover, it allows a high amount of natural daylight to enter the building, which has already attracted the attention of local artists and commercial video producers.

At night, the spectacular JITI Transport HUB with translucent red LEXAN™ sheet brings color into the city and shines like an icon of urban rejuvenation.

For more information regarding JITI Project, have a look at the following Youtube Videos:

For more information on SABIC and their products :


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