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EPSE welcomes new member: Stabilit Suisse

Updated: Feb 9

Brussels, Belgium – European Polycarbonate Sheet Extruders (EPSE), sector group of European Plastics Converters (EuPC), is pleased to announce the addition of Stabilit Suisse, Swiss company with a great experience in the production of polycarbonate sheets and systems. This latest development reflects EPSE's commitment to fostering collaboration and innovation.

Stabilit Suisse is honored to become member of a select group of companies who are active in the polycarbonate industry for many years and that can benefit from joint growth through this cooperation.

This collaboration brings all its members great benefits aligned to the association's main goals:

  • promoting the use of polycarbonate in several applications

  • participation in the circular economy with the aim of working together to achieve a more sustainable future

  • development of new products whose environmental and technical performance meets the requirements in the various countries

  • extension of technical knowledge

The association eagerly anticipates the valuable contributions that Stabilit Suisse will bring to the table, enhancing the collective knowledge and expertise.

Stabilit Suisse is part of a worldwide multinational Group focused on the production of plastic products particularly well- performing in the construction field as well as in other sectors of application. The synergy between the Group companies provides a very strong presence in many countries and several continents allowing to offer a wide range of products and a high level of technical and logistical support. Stabilit Suisse is the Swiss manufacturer of polycarbonate sheets and systems. With an organization comprising a team of around 100 people and boasting an R&D laboratory, a Quality System and production lines among the most modern that allow to offer innovative products that anticipate market trends. Stabilit Suisse offers 40-plus years of experience in working with polycarbonate and enjoys an international reputation built on the back of worldwide product sales (on 5 continents, in more than 42 countries, from South America to Japan), successfully catering to the specific demands of local markets. The products stand out for their light weight, thermal insulation, impact resistance, high light transmission and good fire performance. These unique properties make them ideal for a whole host of different applications such as: architecture, industrial construction, agriculture, lighting, DIY, automotive, interior design and furniture.

INTRO Stabilit Suisse
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EPSE takes pride in its diverse membership, and the addition of Stabilit Suisse further enriches the association's dynamic network of professionals. The collaborative environment that EPSE fosters will undoubtedly benefit from the unique perspectives and skills that the new member brings to the fold.


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