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The Solar Advantage: AkyVer® Polycarbonate Shields for Increased Panel Protection and Greenhouse Boost

Discover AkyVer® by Corplex, the essential solution for your projects involving multiwall polycarbonate claddings and roofings! Renowned for its insulation, lightweight, and high resistance to weather conditions, our product exceeds standards to meet your specific needs.

Delve into the success story of Inaventa Solar in Norway, a pioneer in solar energy. Inventa Solar offers a new solar heating concept based on cost-effective and architecturally appealing solar collectors in high-performing polymer materials.

Their quest for innovative solutions led them to choose AkyVer® to protect their thermal solar panels while maximizing the greenhouse effect. In this application, AkyVer® stands out for its transparency and solidity, effectively capturing sunlight while ensuring optimal protection. By opting for our panels, users benefit from an economical and competitive solution compared to traditional materials, while contributing to environmental preservation through full recyclability.

Thus, AkyVer® successfully aligns with the green energy revolution through its performance, durability, lightweight, and weather-resistant properties!


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