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Exolon Group: "1month - 1 member"

This second edition focuses on Exolon Group and its support to the new livMatS pavilion of the botanical garden at the University of Freiburg.

This unique structure, created in an interdisciplinary collaboration between the universities of Stuttgart and Freiburg, combines sustainable building materials, architecture and digital technologies and Exolon Group supported the project with polycarbonate solid sheets.

A polycarbonate skin protects the flax fibres from environmental influences, such as direct UV radiation and moisture from rain or snow. 220 square metres of Exolon® UV polycarbonate solid sheets with a thickness of 10 millimetres form the weather protection cover and, thanks to their easy formability, adapt to the curved lines of the natural fibre elements. The single-variety plastic is fully recyclable and can therefore be returned to the recyclable material cycle after use. Another aspect of the choice of material is its ease of processing and thermoforming.

The livMatS pavilion is an example of a sustainable, resource-efficient alternative to conventional construction methods and is thus a landmark for sustainability in architecture.

Source: LivMatS Pavillon: Exterior - ©ICD/ITKE/IntCDC Universität Stuttgart, Rob Faulkner

For more information on Exolon sheets, please visit

For more information on the livMatS pavilion, please visit


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