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Brett Martin: "1 month - 1 member"

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

The new edition of month “1 month – 1 member” will highlight Brett Martin who enters a new era for low carbon polycarbonate sheets.

Brett Martin, one of Europe’s largest producers of plastic sheet materials for construction and fabrication is investing in the next level of low carbon Polycarbonate sheets. The remarkable Marlon BioPlus Polycarbonate sheet options now represent a quantum shift towards climate neutral plastic sheet, produced from a certified mass balanced source from bio-based feedstock.

Replacing fossil based material

This new development is the result of Brett Martin’s partnership with Covestro and their Makrolon® RE polycarbonate resin with a claimable sustainable share up to 89% derived from bio-circular attributed materials via a mass balance approach according to ISCC PLUS and thus reducing the consumption of primary fossil raw materials. This is important, because the bio-circular status informs users that the bio based raw material used in the production of the polycarbonate resin derive from a biological waste or residue and did not displace the production of any primary crop.

Brett Martin’s Marlon Polycarbonate sheet manufacturing process is audited and certified to the ISCC PLUS standard, assuring the market that both the raw material and the sheet product comply with the protocols for attribution of bio-circular materials.

Produced with 100% renewable energy

In addition to the major carbon savings achieved by switching to materials sourced from a bio-circular base, further reductions in carbon footprint have been achieved through the use of renewable electricity, attributed to both the production of the Makrolon® RE resin and of the Marlon BioPlus sheet.

In this respect, Brett Martin has made an outstanding contribution through direct investment in both solar and wind generated on-site renewables, providing electrical power for the sheet manufacturing site. The massive, 99.5 metre high, 2.3MWP wind turbine is a highly visible sign that the company is pursuing every avenue towards net zero while a dedicated 6.42MWp solar farm, located close by quietly supplies green energy each day, saving over 900 tonnes of carbon emissions each year.

Now, polycarbonate users can choose Marlon BioPlus to reduce the embodied carbon in every construction or fabrication project they complete with the same performance and optical quality as the standard products.

Comprehensive range of sheet options

The mass balancing approach delivers both practicality and ISCC PLUS certified assurance for users of the Marlon BioPlus ranges in Flat, Multiwall and Corrugated polycarbonate sheet formats. This opens new doors for specifiers, installers and fabricators to choose a more sustainable polycarbonate from renewable sources and with a low carbon impact.

  • Marlon ST BioPlus

The entire range of Marlon multiwall sheets and glazing systems is available in low carbon BioPlus for applications in roofing and vertical façade applications. This meets the increasing demand to reduce embodied carbon in the built environment.

Marlon ST product

  • Marlon FS BioPlus

Marlon FS range

Flat sheet options in standard and UV protected formats for glazing and fabrication introduces new low carbon opportunities for any project and retains all of Marlon’s processing, forming and performance characteristics.

  • Marlon CS BioPlus

Marlon CS Greca Clear

Marlon profiled roofing sheets offer high levels of light transmission and weather protection across industrial, domestic and agricultural applications. Marlon CS BioPlus introduces a low carbon alternative for users wishing to reduce their carbon impact.

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