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Dott.Gallina: "1 month - 1 member"

The new edition of “1 month – 1 member” will highlight Dott.Gallina and its multiwall surfaces system which contributes to sustainable architectures.

Installing arcoPlus® modular multiwall systems to create large translucent surfaces allows to improve the building energy performance thanks to the enhancement of natural light as a primary source for internal lighting. In the meantime, the multiwall structure guarantees high thermal insulation performance, with a consequent reduction in heating and air conditioning costs.

Dott.Gallina systems allow to enhance the thermal transmittance up to 0.4 W/m2K; even the assembly accessories have been designed as thermal break solutions.

Furthermore, the specific surface treatments for managing UV /IR solar radiation customize the product's performance according to each application context.

Due to its unique characteristics, since 2016, polycarbonate has been listed among the innovative materials in the Report of the Recycle Observatory - Legambiente. Among worldwide architectural projects that obtained environmental awards, such as LEED® certifications, there are several polycarbonate surfaces; Dott.Gallina mentions:

  • the roofing of Il Centro Arese shopping mall near Milan (Italy);

  • the translucent internal envelope of multipurpose centre Camp del Ferro in Barcelona (Spain);

  • the translucent envelope of Turo de la Peira sports centre in Barcelona (Spain);

  • the office ceiling of Urban Cube - Il Sole24Ore newspaper HQ in Milan (Italy).

Turo de la Peira sports centre (Barcelona, Spain)

 Sole24Ore newspaper headquarters (Milan)
Sole24Ore newspaper headquarters (Milan, Italy)

Arese Shopping Mall (Milan, Italy)

Camp del FerrCamp del Ferro Sport Center (Barcelona, Spain)o Sport Center - Barcelona, Spain
Camp del Ferro Sport Center (Barcelona, Spain)

Thanks to the multiwall panels combined with the specific surface treatments, it is possible to maximize the benefits of natural resources such as sun light and solar radiation, offering also advantages in terms of internal living comfort, air circulation and absence of greenhouse effect.

The calculation of the energy balance (according to the EN 12831 standard) highlights the greater fuel requirement to heat an industrial building where U-GLASS windows are installed compared to the same building with multiwall pc windows.

The following elements are the features that make the solutions in multiwall polycarbonate suitable for Green-Architecture:

  • Natural lighting;

  • Thermal insulation;

  • Energy saving;

  • Living comfort;

  • Recyclable for a second life.

A sustainable architecture can only exist if the production chain adopts sustainable processes by getting conscious and controlled environmental impact. For this reason, Dott.Gallina has been committed to improving the environmental impact of its activities for many years. The design of both the entire production site and every machinery was subject to constantly modernisation with the aim of achieving energy self-sufficiency and the elimination of environmental waste.

For a long time now, Dott.Gallina has activated a recovery process for zeroing internal waste thanks to internal circular production. This allows to reduce the quantity of raw material need with the consequent benefits for the footprint of PC supply chain.

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