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Danpal : "1 month - 1 member"

This month “1 month – 1 member” will focus on Danpal and its support to the new swimming pool of BRUNOY, a city in France located nearby Paris.

With a total area of 400[m2 ], the building has the particularity to have its complete hall moving on rails to cover or uncover the pool, by turning the swimming pool to an indoor or outdoor one.

For this project which requested three years of works, Danpal was involved in the upper walls of the swimming pool hall. They recommended their Danpatherm System K12. This system is a made from prefabricated units containing elements for improving U value and increasing acoustic barrier.

After receiving the drawings of the walls, all units were prefabricated, marked with the specific location and position, and then shipped to site.

The challenges were in the perimeter of the walls as it was not rectangle, but also in their positions as it was neither perpendicular to the floor. Besides, it was mandatory to have an important durability to high humidity typically found in swimming pool halls.

Other figures:

  • U value ˂ 0.7

  • Acoustic barrier 32 dB

  • Large distance between supports

The Swimming pool of Burnoy reopened on last 14th of July after three years of renovation.

Marking and preparation for shipment

Installation of the K12 panels

For more information on Danpal and their products :


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