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Covestro: "1 month - 1 member"

This month “1 month – 1 member” will focus on Convestro and its approach for a more sustainable and renewable future of polycarbonates with their Makrolon® portofolio.

Polycarbonates play a vital part in our daily life. They are used for multiple applications and also represent a valuable material during their end-of-life phase. Plastic manufacturers and processors must also shift to a more circular model where alternative raw materials, a lower carbon footprint and closing the loop are the norm.

As a producer in the chemical industry, Covestro is taking further steps towards a sustainable, climate-neutral and circular economy that not only thinks in terms of visions for tomorrow but also offers opportunities for acting today. 

Thanks to certified mass balance solutions, Covestro can gradually increase the volume of renewable sources for their Makrolon® production and allocate them from the beginning to selected products that are aimed at offering the customers more sustainable solutions.

With the ISCC-PLUS-certified Makrolon® portfolio, fossil feedstock is replaced to a large extent by biological waste and residue alternatives. This offers Covestro's customers a drop-in solution with consistently high quality. Makrolon® displays properties that are identical to fossil-based or conventional products, and yet it does not require further testing. Covestro is then able to offer to their customers these certified circular solutions for large-scale production using existing processing conditions and implementation without technical risks. Furthermore, customers can reduce their carbon footprint significantly.

Apart from superior climate performance, the Makrolon® RE series displays the glass-like transparency, stiffness and good weathering properties that are key requirements in the construction industry. The abbreviation RE after the product name stands for renewable and reflects a huge step towards a fully circular economy with major benefits including:

  • Reduced carbon footprint: Allocate alternative raw materials to reduce your carbon footprint;

  • Fast and easy solution: Implement our drop-in solutions easily in your production process, without any technical risks;

  • Consistently high quality:  Benefit from the same consistently high quality as with conventional products;

  • Available now:  Get started today – also for large-scale production – with drop-in mass balance solutions.

On their journey to become fully circular, Covestro support their partners in the construction industry in meeting their sustainability targets with a large portfolio of Makrolon®RE materials and with a sustainable attributed share up to 72% as certified by ISCC PLUS:

  • Makrolon® ET3113 RE

  • Makrolon® ET3117 RE

  • Makrolon® ET3137 RE

  • Makrolon® ET3227 RE

  • Makrolon® ETUV510 RE

Mass balancing is becoming the standard in various industries. With their portfolio, Convestro's customers can now benefit from renewable solutions to cover most of their raw material requirements for sheets.

For more information on Covestro and Covestro’s product range/product portfolio: Circular polycarbonates for a reduced carbon footprint with a high renewable share | Covestro AG


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