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Corplex: "1month - 1member"

In this first edition of our new article “1 Month – 1 Member”, we will focus on Corplex and its recent specific polycarbonate multi-wall sheets, AkyVer® Sun Type.

Multi-wall polycarbonate is a reference throughout Europe regarding skylights.

Corplex has more than 40 years of expertise in the production of multi-wall sheets and systems and has developed a specific sheet with a seven wall structure and 16mm thickness.

Long story short, to demonstrate the resistance of the material for skylights, you can watch the below video.

Indeed, this impact resistance test allows to highlight the capacity of alveolar polycarbonate, thanks to both the structure of the sheet and of the profiles, to absorb shocks without altering the product.

Multi-wall polycarbonate assets are based on three essential pillars, namely light transmission, thermal insulation and resistance to load.

For more information, please visit Polycarbonate Building Systems - Corplex.


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