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Corplex: "1 month - 1 member"

This last edition of the year is focusing on Corplex and its AkyVer® PanelTherm, a multiwall systems made of a high quality of polycarbonate for multiple application in the building market. From cladding to roofing and many other solutions requiring insulation, mechanical and aesthetic properties, AkyVer® stands for the optimal choice in that matter and helps to save energy costs.

AkyVer® Paneltherm double (and triple) skin polycarbonate system is Corplex latest innovation in polycarbonate systems. It enables to build a complete translucent wall but also to save a lot of heating/cooling energy and light costs.

The constructive principle of double skin polycarbonate system, made of two panels of 40 mm each separated with a 40 mm air layer, allows to obtain a record thermal insulation for polycarbonate: Ug = 0.5 W/m².K.

With such a performance, it becomes possible to create complete facades with high natural light output instead of just small bands on the height part of building where natural light is limited.

Furthermore, joining two skins systems helps to increase the distance between supports up to 3 meters. This allow an aesthetical gain of function by limiting the number of visible supports and thus obtaining an airy and light facade.

Finally, the polycarbonate being a very light material, its Achilles tendon on full facades is often sound insulation.

With AkyVer® PanelTherm solution and thanks to the super positioning of two polycarbonate layers of 40 mm thickness, sound insulation is considerably improved by achieving 28 dB acoustic coefficient. This coefficient can even reach 38 dB of sound reduction, by adding a solid polycarbonate sheet in the middle.

AkyVer® PanelTherm innovation enables the realization of complete translucent facades with very high thermal and acoustic insulation by ensuring maximum ease of use of the building.

For more information on Corplex and AkyVer® :


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