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Congratulations to the 2022 EPSE AWARDS Winners!

EPSE – the trade association representing polycarbonate sheet suppliers and producers in Europe – is proud to announce the winners of the 10th edition of its EPSE AWARDS.

About the competition

EPSE AWARDS is an internal competition, with the aim to promote unique properties of polycarbonate sheets and to showcase the wide range of applications where it can be used. Polycarbonate is a material which can be easily worked and modeled, and therefore can be used virtually for any kind of application. For example, polycarbonate sheets are widely used in the construction sector, mainly for big-size installations like stadiums, arenas such as Olympic venues. Also, they are commonly used in automotive, electronics, and medical industries and more recently they have caught the attention of interior architects & furniture designers, artists and a number of other nice markets.

Judging process

As a first step the jury members judged the projects individually. Then the pre-selected projects were published on the EPSE website, where the public voted for the best project in each of the three categories: Design, Innovation & Sustainability.

Jury members

Franck Besançon - Lecturer, Researcher, Educator at ENS Architecture Nançy University

Bernanrd Merkx - ESWA Managing Director

Ulrike Mau - Editor in Chief at Plastics Information Europe (PIE) & KI Group

Zsombor Barta - Founding partner at Greenbors Consulting

2022 Awards Ceremony

Winning projects of the 10th edition of the EPSE AWARDS Competition were announced on the 24th of October 2022 at the K Fair in Düsseldorf, at the booth of SABIC who kindly supported the event.

The EPSE President, Mr. Laurence Martin from Brett Martin, opened the ceremony with a warm welcome and a very nice speech during which he thanked the EPSE members for having submitted all these projects into the 2022 EPSE Awards. He also warmly thanked SABIC for having supported this year competition.

Then, Mr. Sandeep Dhawan, Global Business Leader for the Functional Forms business at SABIC took the floor and said:

" I would like to take this moment to congratulate all the nominees for the awards. Our industry is going through significant change and the themes around Innovation, Design and Sustainability of these awards truly represent what we, as stewards of the plastics business, need to work on to reinvent the future. It is clear through the nominations that the work you and your teams are doing is well targeted and impressive."

Bernard Merkx, ESWA Managing Director and member of the jury panel of this year's edition, then talked about the competition in its globality and presented all the 2022 projects. Together with the EPSE president, Laurence Martin, he announced the winners.

Submitted Projects & Winners

There were twenty-four projects submitted to this year’s edition: 7 in Sustainability, 6 in Innovation and 11 in Design. The 2022 AWARDS presented a wide use of polycarbonate sheets; including public buildings, art and sport halls.

Sustainability Category Winner - Exolon Group: the LivMats Pavilion

Sustainability Category 2nd place - Brett Martin: EAVan

Innovation Category Winner - SABIC: Dome in Greece

Innovation Category 2nd place - Palram: ANZ Stadium Sydney

Design Category Winner - SABIC: LULU Supermarket Shopping Mall

Design Category 2nd place - Exolon Group: The Norvatis Pavilion

EPSE would like to give special thanks to all members who submitted projects, to SABIC for having supported and hosted the 10th edition of the EPSE Awards as well as for having designed those beautiful trophies. Finally, EPSE would like to warmly thank the Jury Members: Franck Besançon, Bernard Merkx, Ulrike Mau and Zsombor Barta.

All the projects submitted for the 2022 EPSE Awards will be available on EPSE website.


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