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Brett Martin: "1 month - 1 member"

This month “1 month – 1 member” will focus on Brett Martin and its Marlon range of premium polycarbonate sheet and panels used extensively throughout the global construction market.

Brett Martin’s journey from a local producer of plastic glazing sheet and building products to one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of extruded plastic sheet spans over 60 years.

A family owned business, now in its third generation, Brett Martin continues to evolve and grow through continuous innovation a forward thinking approach.

Forefront of Brett Martin’s extensive product portfolio is the Marlon range of premium polycarbonate sheet and panels used extensively throughout the global construction market.

Lightweight, durable, high performance polycarbonate sheets are a sustainable option for the construction sector, and they have become integral to some of the best sports stadiums and arenas in Europe. Brett Martin’s polycarbonate has been used in stadiums and sports venues such as the Etihad Stadium and Fulham F.C.’s new state of the art facility in the UK as well as Brann Stadion in Norway and Olympique Lyonnaise in France.

Polycarbonate is an essential material in stadium construction. It is extremely versatile, combining strength and excellent impact resistance with high optical clarity and light transmission.

This lightweight rooflight material is ideal for world class sports arenas due to its high-performance characteristics. The make-up of polycarbonate allows for a bright environment for spectators, reduces the amount of secondary steelwork required and maximises the amount of sunlight reaching the pitch to promote grass growth and reduce shadows for TV filming. It can be used to form complete roof coverings or can be incorporated into any corrugated metal roofing and cladding system.

Spectators can also be assured of protection. Some of the most advanced polycarbonate sheets offer a natural light transmission of 90%, ensuring stands and pavilions enjoy natural daylight while spectators are kept well shielded from the elements – in fact, Brett Martin’s Marlon CS polycarbonate possesses co-extruded UV protection characteristics that cut out 98% of harmful radiation, as well as wet and windy weather. At up to 200 times the strength of glass, these sheets possess strong impact resistance and come with various tinted options, allowing for solar control which can keep glare down to a minimum.

Source: Anfield Stadium, Liverpool-UK

Source: Brann Stadium, Bergen - Norway

Source: on the left, Etithad Stadium in Manchester (UK) and on the right, polycarbonate sheets recovering the Swansea Stadium also in UK.

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