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Arla Plast: "1 month - 1 member"

This month “1 month – 1 member” will focus on Arla Plast and its new developed SAPHIR® HCE, mainly used to fulfil the increased demands for high-end Covid barriers (and other barriers and protection shielding).

Arla Plast has during its 53-year history gone from being a local player that manufactured spare parts for cars to becoming an international company and is today one of Europe’s leading players in the extrusion of plastic sheets in PC. The company combines the competence and capacity in extrusion of plastic sheets, with proximity to customers both in terms of technical needs and services. Many times, these close collaborations result in delivery of customised products and solutions.

The world is facing the Covid-19 pandemic with a need of keeping distance and protecting us from each other. When the pandemic started many shops, supermarkets, buses etc put up provisionally Covid protection barriers. The provisionally barrier installations are now replaced with more professional barrier installations and the material specifications and technical demands for the sheets used in the barrier installation has been increased. Expectations from the end-users of the Covid barriers is to have material that is easy to clean, can withstand most cleaning agents, resistant against abrasion, resistant against scratching and at the same time have a long lifetime.

Arla Plast's solution to fulfil the increased demands for high-end Covid barriers (and other barriers and protection shielding) is its newly developed SAPHIR® HCE. The SAPHIR® HCE is a cost-efficient solution that is easy to clean, withstanding the chemical exposure from the most common cleaning agents and have a good resistance against abrasion and scratches. SAPHIR® HCE has the same great mechanical and optical properties you can expect from all Arla Plast polycarbonate products.

To have surface properties that fulfils the increased needs and demands on the Covid barriers and other protection shielding, Arla Plast has, during the last year, developed a cost-efficient special surface coating with very good chemical resistance and very good resistant against abrasion and scratches. For indoor use as barrier and shielding applications, the new SAPHIR® HCE will “do the job” for many years after installation.

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