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3A Composites: "1 month - 1 member"

The April edition of “1 month – 1 member” focuses on 3A Composites and its solid and multiwall polycarbonate sheets IMPEX® and IMPEX® MULTIWALL. Both products are manufactured at the company’s production site in Nischwitz, Germany (Polycasa Nischwitz GmbH). Since 2015 the Polycasa Group belongs to 3A Composites and its Swiss based parent company Schweiter Technologies AG.

IMPEX® stands for a wide range of large format, extruded, virtually unbreakable polycarbonate sheets with excellent optical and mechanical properties. The product range comprises an array of different surfaces, versions and patterns. The high quality sheets are extremely impact resistant, which means they can provide comprehensive solutions for both indoor and outdoor use. Moreover, the following special product variant is available:

IMPEX® HC are UV-protected polycarbonate sheets with a one- or both sides abrasion resistant coating and a good impact resistance, which makes them especially suitable for flat indoor and outdoor applications. Thanks to this special hard coating, the sheets are less sensitive against scratches and have a high resistance to many chemicals and solvents.

Besides the solid polycarbonate sheets, 3A Composites offers with IMPEX® MULTIWALL extruded, multi-wall polycarbonate sheets. The particular benefits offered by the sheets are their lightweight, excellent optical properties, high impact resistance and very good resistance to weathering. They also have insulating properties for cold and hot. IMPEX® MULTIWALL is suitable for a variety of different indoor and outdoor applications. The standard range includes the colours clear, opal and bronze in different profile design versions.

Creative Work with IMPEX® :

Source: © Images: 4D Yapi

For more information on IMPEX® and IMPEX® MULTIWALL sheets please visit the company’s market pages or depending on your application needs.


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