Trinseo is a global materials company and manufacturer of plastics, latex and rubber. The company is dedicated to in-depth collaboration with its customers, who are global leaders in their respective industries: carpet, paper & paperboard, automotive, consumer electronics, electrical, lighting, medical devices, consumer goods, home appliances, packaging, building & construction, rubber goods and tires.

Trinseo technologies and expertise play an intrinsic role in the innovative and sustainable solutions customers require to develop their next generation products. Trinseo is uniquely positioned to benefit from the interaction between its global asset base, longstanding customer relationships and a robust innovation pipeline, and has a track record built on successful customer-driven innovations.

Trinseo operates world-class production assets, occupies leading positions in consolidating markets and serves customers in attractive segments and end markets, including emerging regions. Our Research & Development and Marketing people work closely together with our customers to ensure that research and innovation are driven by current and future industry needs. Building on more than seven decades of manufacturing experience, commercial expertise and technological know-how, we are passionately focused on delivering high-performance products and innovative thinking to our customers.

Trinseo materials are intrinsic to the functionality of our customers’ products, which is demonstrated by the fact that customers come to Trinseo for help with complex material challenges. We collaborate and innovate with them to design brand new applications or technologies and to develop their next-generation products. Trinseo’s manufacturing sites display a long history of operating excellence, maintaining a strong track record of safety, quality metrics and efficiency. Our manufacturing assets boast a 99% asset mechanical reliability, 5% above the industry average. We continue to invest in the construction of new manufacturing plants and the development of innovative technologies such as SSBR and Nd-BR.

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