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Exolon Group: "1month - 1 member"

The EPSE montly article focusing on its members is back for a new year, after the success of its launch last year. This first edition of 2023 will highlight Exolon Group who has expanded its portfolio of hardcoated

polycarbonate solid sheets.

Indeed with its Exolon® AR 5 and Exolon® AR FO, the company is expanding the industry standard Exolon® AR, which has been tried and tested for 30 years. The hardcoated polycarbonate sheets are used wherever special requirements for stability and protection apply and an unobstructed view is essential. Viewing windows in plant engineering, a panoramic view in the cab of an agricultural machine, industrial visors or flat glazing systems – the AR range covers all areas securely and transparently.

Exolon Group AR Hardcoated Sheet
Exolon Group AR Hardcoated Sheet

Industry standard now completed

Glass-like hardness, yet at the same time scratch-resistant, impact-resistant and chemical-resistant. This has made Exolon AR® polycarbonate sheets the industry standard for decades. With the AR 5 and AR FO product series, the Exolon Group is expanding its range of particularly wear-resistant, chemically and UV-resistant solid sheets made of coated polycarbonate.

Depending on the desired area of application, the sheets have a hard coating on one or both sides, which increases durability and improves UV stability. What they all have in common is their extreme impact resistance, good scratch and abrasion resistance, resistance to chemicals and weathering, and high transparency. All sheets come with a 10-year warranty of unbreakability.

In contrast to the non-bendable Exolon® AR sheets, AR 5 and AR FO can be deformed and thus significantly expand the area of application of the coated solid sheets. Exolon® AR 5 is a single- or double-sided hard-coated sheet with a five-year warranty against delamination and weathering. It can be cold-bent up to 250 times the thickness of the sheet. This means that the sheets are primarily used for interior partition walls or flat glazing systems as well as protective glazing.

Exolon® AR FO sheets are specially designed for interior applications or for personal protection. They can be easily hot-formed and draped in 2D moulded parts and processed in vacuum and pressure forming – for example to create transparent curved panes, such as protective shields or industrial visors, as well as windshields.

For more information about it, please visit :

----- Exolon Group:

Exolon Group is a leading supplier of solid and multiwall sheets for a wide range of innovative applications. The medium-sized group of companies develops, produces and distributes Exolon® brand polycarbonate sheets, Axpet® and Vivak® polyester sheets as well as Exoblend® brand opaque blend sheet material made of high-quality plastic.

The Exolon Group is characterised by 40 years of accumulated expertise in the extrusion of thermoplastic sheets and an extensive product portfolio. The products can be found, amongst other things, in construction, visual communication, industry and LED applications. The material is manufactured in accordance with consistently high-quality standards at production facilities in Belgium and Italy.

"Going Beyond" is the guiding principle of Exolon Group and its employees. The passion they have for the products is the basis for convincing customers through quality and service. Exolon Group is part of the Serafin group of companies based in Munich.

Further information on Exolon Group products and applications can be found on the internet at

Serafin Group:

Exolon Group is a part of Serafin Group, whose philosophy is based on more than 150 years of entrepreneurial tradition of its shareholding family. Serafin invests into companies with the aim to foster their long term development in accordance with all stakeholders.


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