Polycarbonate Sheets: Light in weight and light on the environment, heavy on savings

5 July 2012

The advantages of multi-layer polycarbonate sheets are numerous.

Polycarbonate allows curving roof designs. Its lightweight saves on the cost of transportation, supporting structures and labour because it is easy to handle and can be cut to size on-site – all adding up to immediate savings. The physical strength of multiwall polycarbonate also makes it a security asset.

Polycarbonate sheets provide additional economic benefits and cost savings making it friendly to the environment. Polycarbonate sheet is a sustainable material. For example, polycarbonate construction scrap can be recycled, and when its life span is over it can be burned as a high-energy fuel.

Thanks to its special properties, using polycarbonate for windows optimizes heat gains and retention in winter minimizing heat gains in the summer. Polycarbonate roofs can also serve as a power source when photovoltaic sheets are sandwiched between the layers of polycarbonate, which is an increasingly common application for polycarbonate.

With the ever-rising costs of energy, optimizing energy efficiency and lowering the costs of building operations plays a vital role in construction design and material selection. In head-on comparisons, multiwall polycarbonate is more energy efficient than glazing. This lowers fuel costs in the winter, which means less CO2 emission. A new generation of polycarbonate sheets with special coating treatment stops infrared rays preventing green-house effect in the summer, still offering full insulation value in the winter.

The vast possibilities of sophisticated shapes in multiwall polycarbonate sheeting and systems, offers to architects, contractors and owners the opportunity to marry in their buildings: modern design, natural light, high energy efficiency and suppleness of installation. It seems that they find more benefits to polycarbonate sheets than meets the eye.

Polycarbonate sheets: Light in weight and light on the environment, heavy on savings