Plazit-Polygal Group

Plazit-Polygal Group is one of the leading world wide manufacturers for all types of thermoplastics sheets for various uses. The group is well known at around the world markets for its quality products, technical support and innovation.
Plazit-Polygal Group manufactures in several production sites that include two sites in Israel, sites in Chile, Bulgaria, Russia, and Spain, operates a marketing & distribution center in the USA.

The year 1973 marked a turning point in the plastics industry. Plazit started operating as a manufacturer of extruded plastic sheets and Polygal, as a world pioneer in the polycarbonate multiwall sheets production.
From a modest local beginning, both companies grew and developed to be world leaders in the market of plastic sheets around the globe.

In 2011, Plazit and Polygal merged and the Plazit-Polygal Group was created. The Group continuously develops its production sites, products, markets and its human assets.
The group is constantly working to meet the needs of its customers while maintaining flexibility, agility, and quality when commitment is the key word in all its activities.

Plazit-Polygal Group facilities are certified according to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, ISO 9002, CSTB (France); HACCP; Russian building, fire and health certifications, and other international engineering standards. The Group provides technical support and product development from in-house departments.

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Adress: Plazit Polygal Group
Gazit, 193400, Israel

Fax: +972 4 6765784