EPSE sponsors architects at the lively architecture festival

EPSE sponsors a team of architects at the 7th edition of the Lively Architecture Festival - 27 June 2012

The objective of the festival was to introduce contemporary architecture in urban context to the general public at large. This annual event gives an opportunity for young architects to explore and experiment with new fields of architectural design in relation to the city dwellings.

‘Surprise’ was this year’s theme for the festival. For this occasion Adam Scales, Paul Scales and Pierre Berthelomeau, a team of architects from Rotterdam, who were supported by EPSE, have realized a project entitled “Reframe” which was constructed out of 16 mm Multiwall polycarbonate donated by one of the EPSE members. At first sight, it seems that the project presents an ordinary looking cube which on the second thought is in fact a continuously reframing object, having an extremely complex structure and creating an effect of a ‘surprise’ for an observer. It gives the observer a unique experience and a feeling of being observed and not in fact being the one who observes. The semi-transparent opal colouring of the polycarbonate sheets caught the Mediterranean light perfectly. This resulted in a constant colour change, becoming more transparent towards the evening.

The project was originally constructed by Paul Scales in Rotterdam and rebuilt together with the Atelier Kit in Montpellier. It is now stored at the Paul Scales Studio and is available for sale or rent.

All the projects were presented in the courtyards of private mansions in Montpellier.

The festival was a great success with over 9000 people attending it.

EPSE sponsors architects at the Lively Architecture Festival