EPSE Quality Label



EPSE Quality Label launched by the European Polycarbonate Sheet Extruders association.


EPSE Quality Label – an indication of excellence


The EPSE Quality Label (EQL) is a label that EPSE member companies - representing the top-level PC sheet producers in Europe - can apply on their polycarbonate multiwall sheets and technical data sheets, under the condition that the specific product strictly fulfils the EPSE Sheet Standard. All European PC sheetproducers are highly welcome to join EPSE and thereby to be eligible to apply the EPSE Quality Label.

Commitment to high material quality

The objective of the EPSE Quality Label is to protect the quality and image of PC sheets. It is based on thorough research and high technical standards. As a quality label for EPSE members, it can be used only on branded masking. In this way, EPSE ensures a high quality of their members' products for customers.


If your polycarbonate sheet contains the EPSE Quality Label, this means:

- You are an EPSE member and your company name or logo is displayed in combination with the EPSE Quality Label.

- Your product fulfils the EPSE Sheet Standard.


What are the criteria for the EPSE Sheet Standard?


For the EPSE Quality Label, a PC sheet must fulfil the following minimum EPSE Sheet Standard criteria:

  1. The sheet is CE-marked according to EN 16153:2013+A1:2015.
  2. The sheet is produced in accordance with ISO9000.
  3. Covered warranty of 10+ years (weather-ability) and 5+ years (impact strength)
  4. Yellowness index according to EN 16153, Clause 4.6.2. - ΔYI ≤ 8 units for uncoloured sheets.
  5. Minimum mass per unit area of the sheet according EN16153 clause 4.2 in below table:
Thickness (mm) Minimal nominal weight (g/m2)
  4   800
  6 1300
  8 1500
10 1700
12 2000
16 2400
20 2800
22 3000
25 3000
30 3500
32 3500
35 3800
40 4000
50 4500
55 5000

Can an external company as EPSE non-member apply the EPSE Quality Label on its sheets?

Only EPSE members are authorised to use the EPSE Quality Label on their sheets. Thus, for an EPSE non-member, that wants to use the Quality Label, the following steps apply:

  1. The non-member company has to apply for EPSE membership and be officially approved.
  2. After approval, EPSE will check whether the company’s product fulfils the technical conditions outlined in the EPSE Sheet Standard to be labelled as EPSE quality.
  3. If the check is positive, the company is allowed to use the EPSE Quality Label on its PC multiwall sheets. The Quality Label on the PC sheet has to be always displayed in combination with the company logo.


Who will control the use of the EPSE Quality Label and guarantee its proper application on sheets that solely comply with the EPSE Sheet Standard?

All EPSE members agree on applying the EPSE Quality Label only on products that meet the above outlined criteria of the EPSE Sheet Standard.However, EPSE ensures that this is followed by all member companies and in this way guarantees compliance of labelled products. In case an EPSE member suspects that a labelled product on the market is not fulfilling the EPSE Sheet Standard, a specific procedure has to be followed including the testing of minimum three samples by an EPSE approved test authority. Specific consequences for the EPSE member will follow in case the quality standard of the product has indeed not been met.


Contact and information material

For the complete overview on the EPSE Quality Label, check our information brochure here.

To understand the difference between CE marking and the EPSE Quality Label, please have a look at the comparison here.

For more information or questions about EPSE and the Quality Label, please contact us directly via our contact form.