EPSE Celebrates the 6th edition of the Awards on 17 October 2013 at the K fair

08 Octobre 2013

EPSE Awards 2013 is the 6th edition of this internal competition which and this year it attracted 16 projects among them stadiums, public buildings and artistic installations. All the nominees are a perfect illustration of a wide variety of areas in which polycarbonate may be applied. It is not only used in construction and architecture (e.g. roof glazings, claddings, canopies, skylights, façades) but thanks to its lightweight, high transparency and excellent processability polycarbonate is often used in creation of artworks (e.g. sculptures and installations).

The projects will be assessed by the panel of experts with backgrounds in architecture, engineering, art, and journalism. The panel of Jurors consists of the J.M. Jaspers – architect at Jaspers – Eyers (President of the Jury), D. Dall’Osso – artist, Dipl. Ing. H. W. Franken - Kunststoffprüfstelle Franken, Prof. dr hab. arch E. Kuryłowicz – architect and Vice-President at Kuryłowicz & Associates Sp. z o.o., V. Leoz-Argüelles – the former Head of the Construction Unit, U. Mau – Editor in Chief at Plastics Information Europe.

The EPSE Awards Ceremony, where the winning projects will be announced, will take place on the 17 October 2013 at the K Fair in Düsseldorf 2013. The key speaker of the Ceremony will be Rosalie, German artists whose polycarbonate artworks (Heldendisplay and Chroma_Lux) were submitted to this year’s competition. The winners will be handed marvelous polycarbonate sculptors artworks made by Davide Dall’Osso.

EPSE celebrates the 6th edition of the Awards on 17 October 2013 at the K Fair