DS Smith

DS Smith, Rigid Packaging is part of DS Smith Plc Group, and is the recognised extrusion, thermoforming and injection specialist in Europe.

The DS Smith Group PLC is structured in four business divisions

         - Packaging
         - Recycling
         - Paper
         - Plastics 

With more than 40 experience years in plastic extrusion, DS Smith, Rigid Packaging  is recognised in Europe for its development and innovation capability and for its high quality products.

Our research and development facilities, our design offices and our Pan-European sales team provide us with the multi-market expertise that allows us to offer a full range of plastic packaging solutions, and sheet products for the graphics and building industries.

This expertise allows us to meet the needs of sectors as wide-ranging as the automotive, pharmaceutical, construction, graphics, recycling, electronics, chemicals, and retail distribution markets.

Our Europe-wide presence allows us to support your developments wherever you are located. We have ten production and conversion sites, including four extrusion sites in France, UK, Spain and Slovakia; one thermoforming site in Northern France, and one textile fittings site in North-West France (non-woven polypropylene), four injection molding sites in UK and Belgium.

DS SMITH, succeeding together !

Contact details:


Adress: DS Smith
Kaysersberg, Extrusion Products
B.P 27
77 route de Lapoutroie
68240 Kaysersberg

Fax: +33 3 89 47 18 56

Email: severine.battaini@kayplast.com

Website: http://www.kaysersberg-plastics.com