Our passion and main objective is to act as light providers; to give free rein to the imagination and creative spirit of artists, designers and architects.

Our systems are regularly enriched with new layouts, colors and forms to stimulate endless genuineness.

Danpal offers more than just an attractive visual appearance- we also seek to build connections; linkage between the old and the new, the natural and the artificial, the traditional and the innovative and to facilitate exemplary architectural solutions through technological innovation and cutting-edge technical assistance.

Danpal’s worldwide subsidiaries and distributors working in lighting solutions and project implementation based on in depth knowledge and experience accrued over the years.

Danpal’s distributers develop specialised applications, tailored to the creative needs of the market.

Throughout the world, Danpal’s distributors provide professional, technical service in order to carry out the architects wildest visions - dreams to a reality.

Contact details:


Adress: Danpal

Kibbutz Dan 12245

Fax:+972 4 695 8105

Email: danpal@danpalon.co.il

Website: www.danpalon.com