CE-Marketing for Polycarbonate sheets finally possible

31 July 2013

Key concept in the CPR is the Declaration of Performance (DoP) of a product. This DoP gives the manufacturer the opportunity to deliver information about the essential characteristics of his product he wants to deliver to the market.

The manufacturer, by drawing up his DoP, takes the responsibility for the conformity of the construction product with the declared performance.

The DoP constitutes then the key element in the functioning of the Internal Market for construction products by providing it with the necessary transparency and by establishing a clear system of allocation of the responsibilities between actors.

EPSE has been working via the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) to create European Norms for Polycarbonate (PC) sheet and to establish a CE-mark for these products (under the new Regulation all constructions products have to be CE-marked).

Within CEN/TC 128 EPSE established two European Norms: one for multiwall PC sheet (PC MWS) (EN16153:“Light transmitting flat multiwall polycarbonate (PC) sheets for internal and external use in roofs, walls and ceilings - Requirements and test methods”) and one for solid PC Sheet (PC SS) (prEN16240).

After being published by CEN in March 2013, EPSE is proud to announce that the EN16153 was officially published on June 28 in the EU Official Journal (OJEU). Starting January 1, 2014 manufacturers can CE-Mark their PC MWS products. With this CE marking manufacturers will indicate that they take responsibility for the declared performance of the product.

For solid polycarbonate sheetthe process will be longer as the standard EN16240 is in final voting in CEN and will be published by the end of 2013. So as of end 2014 it will be possible to CE-Mark solid polycarbonate sheet.

CE-Marking for Polycarbonate Sheets finally possible
Key concept in the European Construction Products Regulation_update February 2015