Best Project Award 2008

2008 EPSE Award for Best Project - 27 February 2008

European Polycarbonate Sheet Extruders (EPSE) organised for a second time an internal European award competition in two categories (Best Project Award and Best Innovation Award) among its members to raise awareness of the benefits of polycarbonate in different areas of applications. The EPSE Award is not a design competition; it recognises the benefits, innovativeness and the creative applications of polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate is a high quality, transparent, thermoplastic synthetic material with exceptional properties: it is virtually unbreakable, it can be coloured in a broad variety of colours with transparent or opacque appearance, the surface pattern may vary in different designs and it has good flame retardant properties. Therefore in this competition EPSE wants to emphasize the uniqueness, creative and innovative character of polycarbonate. This award is an opportunity for the industry world-wide to recognize innovation and quality business practices.

The 'European Polycarbonate Sheet Extruders' (EPSE) was created in 2003 by five prominent polycarbonate sheet manufacturers as a sector group of European Plastics Converters (EUPC), the European organisation for plastics converters. Over the years EPSE welcomed other important market players. Today, EPSE is composed of 9 polycarbonate sheet manufacturers and 2 of their suppliers. The Award in the Best Project category went to artist Li Jiwei for the project ‘inForm’, an artwork on the German Embassy in Beijing. The artwork was exhibited from 4 August 2008 till 10 October 2008 in Beijing, China. The installation consists of two large objects: a giant sports shirt covering the entire embassy building, and stylized stands. For this impressive artwork, roughly 806 polycarbonate sheets, makrolon®, were heated to over 100°C in a special oven. The artist, Li Jiwei, shaped the sheets by hand before they were installed. The artist selected polycarbonate, because it is ideal for large surfaces, as the high impact and break resistance of the material guarantees high safety. The material also offers significant processing advantages because it can be formed both thermally and by cold-bending.

The Award in the Best Innovation category went to ‘Metro Station Carmes’ in Toulouse, France.

The Award Jury was composed of renowned professionals representing various players: Mr. Vincente Leoz Arguelles, European Commission, head of unit construction, Mr. Jean-Michel Jaspers, a prominent Belgian architect, from M. & J-M. Jaspers – J. Eyers & Partners, Jonas Bensch, a junior architect from Quinze & Milan Designers, Mia de Vits, a member of the European Parliament and Sarah Gillis, Innovation Advisor, Federplast.

2008 EPSE Awards