2010 EPSE Awards Winners Announced

New website goes live - 24 March 2011

The European Polycarbonate Sheet Extruders (EPSE www.epse.org) recently handed over the EPSE Awards applauding the best and most innovative applications of polycarbonate that emphasise its unique properties.

This year’s winner for the Best Project category went to the Centro Commercial Santafe in Medellin, Colombia. Addressing the challenge of creating a light-filled building in a hot climate, lightweight and transparent polycarbonate sheets were used for the roof and walls that filtered out the heat from the surrounding environment, and especially highlighted the benefits of using polycarbonate in construction.

The Bremer Weser Stadium in Bremen, Germany won the Best Innovation award for its combination of design and sustainability on its polycarbonate roof. Floating silicon cells embedded between two sheets of polycarbonate act as solar panels generating 100 watts of energy per m2 . The sheets are bendable and can be cut to size, which allowed for an architecturally striking design.

The next edition of the EPSE Awards will be organised through the EPSE website. Three new categories have been developed – Sustainability, Innovation, and Design – that will better demonstrate the many different applications of polycarbonate that are possible. A jury composed of experts from a wide range of relevant fields including design, architecture, construction and journalism will decide upon the winners, which will be announced in late summer. For more information on EPSE or the EPSE Awards please visit our website or contact Sophia Huda (sophia.huda@eupc.org)